Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Council to Consider Request for 2021 Klompen Classic

The Pella City Council is set to consider tonight a proposal to resume the 5K race/run/walk event known as the Klompen Classic, which is set to be held in advance of the 2021 Tulip Time festival.

Crossroads of Pella has requested a special event permit to hold the event May 5 from 5 to 9 p.m. The proposal includes a new race route that starts at West 1st Street and Union Street. From there, the route:

  • goes south to Independence Street
  • goes east to Main Street
  • goes north to Maple Street
  • goes east to Hazel Street
  • goes north to Elm Street
  • goes west to Main Street
  • goes south to Union Street
  • goes west to the finish at the Pella Community Center

The proposal also outlines the many ways the event will promote social distancing, cleaning and sanitation, and the use of personal protective equipment. Face coverings will also be required whenever someone is not running on the racecourse. Runners will be expected to have face masks in their possession while running so they can put one on as soon as they finish.

The staff memo to councilors notes that all pertinent city departments have reviewed the plan and given their recommendations and approval. The event fee and insurance certificates have been received by city staff, as well. The memo recommends provisional approval pending CDC, Iowa Department of Public Health, or a governor’s order could prohibit events like it due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Tonight’s meeting is being held electronically due to the pandemic. Click HERE to join in. Or, call (720) 650-5050 and use the access code 962389622# to participate over the phone.

The meeting will begin with approval of the consent agenda, which includes minutes of the Feb. 2 meeting, and reports from the Policy and Planning, Airport, and Historic Preservation committees, the council will set a public hearing date to receive public input on the proposed 2021-22 property tax levy rates.

City staff is requesting a March 2 hearing. They are proposing a maximum property tax rate of $10.01175 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for all of the city’s non-debt service levies. Adding the $0.18825 debt service levy would set the maximum tax rate at $10.20 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, which has been the city’s tax rate for going on 20 consecutive years.

Councilors will also adopt a resolution accepting the 2019-20 annual audit. The extensive audit report found no major deficiencies or areas of non-compliance with state law. It did, however, note that some expenditures exceeded the budgeted amounts, which should have been amended, and the city’s telecommunications enterprise – now known as Pella Fiber – had a deficit balance at the end of the year. Those issues were resolved to the auditors’ satisfaction,

The City Council will also consider a resolution setting in motion the Oost Port alley sewer, storm sewer, and paving project on the Pella square. The engineer’s estimate for the project is $900,353 for a concrete paving alleyway, or $951,618 with a brick overlay. Construction is set to proceed in mid-April and would be completed in late fall, depending on the two potential construction schedules – there is a 20-day difference between them.

Councilors will also consider an ordinance amending the city zoning code to change the conditions of the previously approved Genlink Planned Unit development at 969 211th Street. The Genlink project was proposed to have a 7,000-square-foot private event space and activity center for use by the extended family of the Pella Corporation ownership for the annual board meeting and family reunion.

The changes to the PUD would only revise the property lot lines. None of the restrictions placed on the property will be altered. City staff has recommended approval of the change, which was unanimously approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission in January.

The City Council will also consider an ordinance establishing the Collegiate Neighborhood as a historic district overlay zone. The matter was discussed earlier this month at a public hearing and has been approved by all relevant bodies at the state and local levels.

Councilors will also hear 2021-22 budget proposals from the Pella Public Library, Pella Police Department, and from City Hall and Planning and Zoning staff. The meeting will conclude with a closed session to discuss the employment conditions of city workers not covered by collective bargaining agreements.

The next Pella City Council meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 2.

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